Availability & Rates

Included in the Price:

Contribution to Cost of Meet & Greet, Cleaning and Laundry

We ask that €120 in cash is brought and given to the housekeeper on arrival.

Booking Terms:

A third of the price is due at the time of the booking with the balance due 2 months before the stay commences. In our terms and conditions, you will find details on our cancellation policy and what is and is not permitted at Gatsby House. We accept payment by card over our website. Non UK debit cards and all credit cards have a 2.5% charge applied, which is what the bank charges us to process these cards. For Irish (Rep) guests, payment can be made to our euro bank account with the AIB without incurring a charge.

Discount Policy:

Our prices have been carefully calculated to cover the costs of individual stays, servicing and upkeep of these lovely properties. Gatsby House required huge amounts of money and time to restore and refurbish to this standard. We believe therefore the prices are very fair for the very high standard offered. Our guests are very welcome and stay in Gatsby House on trust and we ask you to bear this in mind both in your prior dealings with us and during your stay.

Note on Cost of Shorter Stays:

Shorter stays are proportionately more expensive per night than longer stays. This is because our principal cost is the cleaning of the property and laundering the linen following a stay and this is the same irrespective of the duration of the stay.

Unlike with a hotel which has just got a bedroom and bathroom to clean, we have a whole house with a kitchen, utility room, sitting room, dining room and open fires which hotels don’t have. In addition, hotels can loss lead on price as they may hope to sell other items such as bar / restaurant / minibar and spa sales.

Gatsby House and Secret Cottage give you hotel style standards but allow you to bring your own food and drink which can save you a lot of money over the course of a stay.

Cancellation Policy

Full details are set out in our terms and conditions. In brief summary, if the stay is cancelled with more than eight weeks to go before the start of the stay, the amount paid is refundable less a 15% administration charge, which reflects our timecosts and expenses. If the booking is cancelled within the 8 week period, then unless we can resell that period, no refund can be made.

We are sometimes questioned about this cancellation policy, with guests pointing to no such restrictions when cancelling a hotel room. In some hotels you can cancel the day before. The reason for this is that when we take a booking for the property, we agree to let out the whole property, reserve it for you and do not let any part of it to someone else. With a hotel, if you book just one room for instance, then the hotel will have another 40 or 50 rooms (for instance) which they can sell and will not have reserved the whole hotel for you. If you cancel the booking for a self catering property a week or so beforehand, we have very little opportunity to resell that period and may well have turned away multiple enquiries from other parties for that period as we will have reserved it for you for that time. If you were to hire an entire hotel (for instance for a wedding), we expect they would have similar cancellation provisions.

We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover any losses arising from having to cancel your trip within the 8 week period. You never know when someone may fall ill or flights are cancelled etc. As we are a relatively small concern, we are unable to provide indemnity against either guests falling ill or disruption to the chosen mode of transport, as we are sure you can appreciate.

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